At Great & Main, we help people live out the deeper meaning of their personal calling.

Our mission is to share great truth and wisdom in creative and inspiring ways, through practical guidebooks, creative events, and lifestyle products designed for everyday life.

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The Hero's Journey

We’re all made for a heroic life. Far from a few names gilded into song and story, heroes are found in every nook and cranny. But what does heroism look like today? We’re gathering wisdom and inspiration of those pursuing greatness in everyday life and learning how we can connect our passions with the world’s greater needs.

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The Family Table

The family is the first school of greatness, the launch point of every person’s mission. Yet, sometimes our homes can become places where we merely eat and sleep. We’re meeting with families around the world to learn what it takes to create strong family culture and sharing their insights in a framework any family can use.

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Creative Enterprise

Every vocation is a call to create. So we’re talking to creative leaders, distilling the wisdom they’ve discovered through starting new organizations, founding new movements, and revitalizing traditional ways of living. We’re exploring where we need creativity the most today – in our relationships, prayer life, careers, families, and homes.

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