What We Believe

Great & Main is built on the belief that the greatest fulfillment in life is tied to living out your individual vocation. It is a call that originates directly from God, that sets us on the path of our own heroic journey, incorporates our state in life, our talents, and our mission to serve the lives of those who stand right in front of us.

Our perspective is captured in four key tenants.

1. There is a path, a very specific one, and it’s yours.

God has given each of us a specific mission that He has given to no one else. We are all called to greatness in the main areas of life, at the highest level of integrity and excellence. The road is set out before us, and it’s our mission to follow it with hope and courage. This path is a path of transformation from an ordinary beginning to an extraordinary fulfillment.

2. You need to be enterprising with your talent.

We are called to be creators. It’s a call to pursue our craft and forge our character. Our vocation must be a daily creative enterprise where we put our gifts into action, in the home, business, studio, shop, parish. As mothers, fathers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, we all must care for souls and the world we share in common. Together, we form a living, breathing, working, sharing, growing, epic masterpiece.

3. Truth is encoded in the world around you.

When we participate in our calling, we engage in God’s divine order. We work with His craft – His people, landscape, and raw materials – and discover the supernatural truth mysteriously coded in the natural world and human relationships and encounter the great questions in life. Greatness is achieved by cherishing the ordinary things in life for their higher meaning in the greater story of our world.

4. God is the creative director of your story.

We believe that each of us is a thoughtful, passionate idea born out of the creative mind of the Person who runs the show. Through our calling, we are invited to be a co-creator with God, the ultimate builder and architect of the universe. When we put ourselves into the drama with God as our creative partner, our everyday lives will be elevated from mundane to divinely inspired.

Our Spirit

Great & Main is a community of people seeking the ultimate truth about life. We strive to understand the specific mission we have been given. To go on our own heroic journey, rising and falling, shaking off the voice of disillusionment, believing God is always moving us forward with earnest companions.

We are a community that stands amidst a new faithless generation and says: I believe, help my unbelief. We wrangle with the good and the bad of the past. We dig for wisdom in books both dusty and old, and fresh and new. We say the “good days” are right now, if we make them come to life. We live our stories right where we are.

We believe the world needs more creatives and fewer critics. So, we’re marshalling in a new generation of writers, artists, doers and thinkers — modern culture makers who can reintroduce people to the genius of Christianity, sparking and forming a renaissance of faith-filled, hopeful people chasing after our God-given callings in earnest.

Our Team

"God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another... I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work."

John Henry Newman

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