The path to becoming a better person isn’t always a clear one. The self-improvement shelf at bookstores is chock full of different perspectives. There are countless programs that promise to make us happier, stronger, smarter, healthier, or kinder. Underpinning all these approaches, however, is a core set of human qualities that are universally good, and universally difficult to achieve. These are the virtues.

Alexander Cummings is the author of “Virtues Work,” a book about how using the virtues at work can make us better humans, better workers, and better leaders. Stemming from his experience as a marketing consultant, Alexander wanted to go beyond the values that companies tend to ascribe to their brands and into the ideals that truly fulfill us.

He discovered virtues are habits that build the good within us. And they’re also habits that help us to build solid, creative, successful businesses. In this episode, Alexander shares how the virtues are personal challenges that we can take up in everyday business, how best to start working them into our lives, and how motivation is the key to unlocking a better version of ourselves.

Check out Alexander’s website and read more about his book.

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