Take Up the Most Powerful Weapon of All

The ancients believed that Hope had an almost magic power…

The Story in the Mountains

The hidden meanings in our artwork.

Motivation Flows from Meaning

Deeper than the plane of "doing" is the plane of "being".

We Flourish Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Do life’s big, sharp rocks necessarily shipwreck us?

Your Origin Story Doesn’t Determine Your Destiny

We can't choose our past, but we can choose our response.

Imagination for the Journey

Imagination allows you to see what your life could be like.

Ep 3: Liberal Arts and Hope ft. George Harne

There are two horizons: common sense and transcendence.

The Beatific Symphony

I used to think about heaven in a one-dimensional way.

Harness Fear to Focus Your Journey

Facing fear can be a unique opportunity to grow.

Ep 2: The Imagination ft. Peter Searby | Pt II

We continue our conversation with Pete and he sings…