Education is about forming the whole person to be equipped to take on the challenges of their individual calling in the modern world. The liberal arts, or colleges that offer a Great Books program, teaches critical thinking by drawing from everything that culture, science, mathematics, literature, history, and the arts have to offer. By focusing on the meaning of the life of a human person, this holistic approach to higher education shapes young adults to be strong leaders and heroes in their industries, communities, and families.

Colleges may be increasingly setting aside liberal arts programming for more “practical” STEM majors, but liberal arts graduates are found to be more proficient in the world of leadership and strategy.

Instead of being siloed to one part of the company, liberal arts majors have access to more jobs and earlier promotions. And we’re seeing that their communication abilities and customer focus are the ones that brands need to tap in order to pull ahead in today’s market.

One of our co-founders, John Severance, is a member of the board of Chesterton Academy in Lisle, IL, and recently gave a presentation about why liberal arts graduates have some of the greatest potential in today’s workforce at the Chesterton Schools Network annual conference. Join us as he shares his thoughts on the heroic journey of young liberal arts graduates today in the workforce.

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