You could say we live in an age of plenty. Stocked grocery stores, ample delivery trucks, streaming digital services for everything and everyone we want to pipe into our homes. You could say we have the things we need to survive. But the things that humans need to thrive… that’s a totally different story.

The elements of a good life don’t come from boxes or broadband internet. We thrive when we are challenged to develop our talent, nurture our families, find lasting friends and contribute to building community.

In a culture where we are encouraged to be on the hunt for the “next best thing” and the media is flooded with resources for how to fulfill the next trend, it seems like despite our material abundance, we have never been so dissatisfied.

So, it is striking to find someone who suggests a different way of pursuing a fullness in life. In today’s podcast, we sit down with Dale Ahlquist, president and co-founder of the American Chesterton Society. We talk about how the way we engage with the world economically can be the key to unlocking a more meaningful, creative, and abundant life.

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