What do you focus on? Think about your day. It is near impossible to drive anywhere without flashing billboards and signs scattered about your community screaming at you left and right. News outlets are flooded with the catastrophes of today and without effort we are caught in that current of “breaking news”. Do you get tunnel vision when you walk out the door? See everything negative that’s happening? Or do you let yourself see the positive events surrounding you?

Sometimes it’s easier to see all the evil in the world.

We dedicate our lives to creating a masterplan to defeat it. Obsessing over what’s wrong and trying to fix it. Wearily chasing it down in hopes that it will cease. But maybe we’ll always have weeds growing alongside the wheat. And maybe our time is better spent creating what’s good and trying to spread it wherever we are.

“There's no way you're going to drown evil in good if you're focusing only on the evil. You won't have any good to drown it in.”

There’s so much going on in the world and the feelings stirred in your gut are directly tied to what you focus on. That’s one of the core and incredibly relevant truths we discuss in our latest podcast with Derek and Juliette Kulda.

The Kuldas are proud parents to ten kids in Half Moon Bay, California. On top of striving to build a beautiful home, they run the Kulda Group, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Bay area and possibly even in the world. They are campaigners for focusing on the good. They live with the belief that God wants them to create an awesome force of life and prosperity. They’ve carried this mindset into their business and they are now riding a wave of success. They’ve fought for that mindset in their home, doing their best to direct the lives of their 10 children toward their personal calling.

Check out the full episode here!

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