The secret to success is practice. Whether you’re the world’s greatest violinist, running the Boston marathon, acing the LSAT, or growing a company to be a Fortune 500, these accomplishments all require repetitive, diligent, and focused work.

The same goes for the ordinary habits that make up our daily lives. It’s easy in today’s world to allow busyness to serve as an excuse for sloppy habit-making. Bad habits seem to be acceptable for anyone who is overworked, overcommitted, or just plain over it.

But it’s our habits that make us the kind of people we are — they determine the fabric that we are made of.

So, are we made of generic, excuse-making stuff? Or are we making ourselves with the materials of a hero? Today we talk with Fr. Ezra Sullivan, O.P. from the Angelicum to find some encouragement and advice for how to keep up the fight of being who we are meant to be.

Fr. Ezra defines heroic habits as those of optimal peak performance that go beyond the ordinary. He suggests that the launching point for developing these habits starts by having the desire to be a hero. Then, if a common man can make the executive choices to take prudential action, he can build himself to be the hero he is meant to be.

And we can never expect these choices to be easy.

There will never be a “convenient” time to start a heroic habit. It’s precisely the tumultuous conditions of our time that make these habits heroic. The endurance that we build will be what helps us face even bigger battles and equip us for the fight of our lives.

“There will be more difficulties to come, but if we want to be heroic, we have to just keep doing the ordinary thing and stick with it.”

Join us for today’s episode.

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