Every battle is fought between at least two opposing sides. It doesn’t matter if it is red versus blue, the Jedi versus the Sith, or orcs versus elves, our eyes can often identify who the enemy is in that feud.

But when it comes to the battles we are personally called to fight, do we know who our enemy is?

In our efforts to live out our mission we are often tempted to see those around us as a threat. We think knowing our enemy will be clear, but instead only confusion ensues. Those who are unfamiliar with us or disagree with us, become dehumanized in our eyes. Not seeing them at our church, at our kid’s games at the park, and at the grocery store, creates a distance which makes it easy to objectify that other person and villainize them.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Pia de Solenni to talk about the model for battle. Pia is a theologian who is currently president and executive director of the Global Institute of Church Management. In our conversation, she shares her insights about how we find our mission, identify and fight the RIGHT enemy, and not let our personal lives crumble in the process.

Pia suggests the answer in a simple word: encounter.

Enter into the lives of others.

It is precisely by entering into their lives and encountering them exactly where they are that we initiate healing and conversion of life. Only then can we be free to band against the common enemy and pave a way for conquests against the true monsters of our lives.

Tune in to hear the full episode!

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