The journey of the hero is complex.

It begins through a call and heads straight into conflict.

Whether it is facing trials and tribulations, fighting against the enemy, or choosing the ultimate good when faced with an ordeal, the steps along the journey are hard to take. Sure, we all want to seize the day and own our mission, but hearing about the difficult parts of the journey ahead of us can cause us to worry or feel unprepared. Instead of feeling excitement, we might be asking ourselves, “Is this really for me?”

Over the last four episodes of our podcast, we talked to some incredibly insightful people about the hero’s journey. Fr. Dwight Longenecker shared his insights on what we are all called to do. Fr. Ezra Sullivan taught us how to develop heroics habits. Dr. Pia Solenni examined our relationship with the enemy. And Steve and Linda Jannosy told us how to live heroically in any kind of situation.

We now wrap up the series with some questions of our own. Join us as we conclude our series on the heroic journey and make our trek home.

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