Join us as we dive into the second lecture of Immortal Combat: A Masterclass on Winning the Spiritual Battle.

This week’s episode is on “God’s Master Plan and How It Saves the World.”

We learned from the first session that the story of the world involves a most conniving antagonist, but in this episode, Fr. Dwight Longenecker shows how all great stories have both an antagonist and a hero. And our story has the ultimate protagonist. Through the tragedy and triumph of the cross, Jesus takes on the sin of the world and breaks the cycle of evil.

What exactly does God’s plan look like? Listen in to hear more. Throughout this session, he talks about:

  • Mimetic desire and the manifestations of the seven deadly sins in the world
  • How God’s secret plan involves a rescue that starts from the inside, out
  • The power of taking on the responsibility for the state of the world

We hope you enjoy listening in on this amazing Masterclass. Tune in next time for the next installment in this course!

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