Here at Great & Main, we endorse the saying, “You are what you read.” As alumni of various liberal arts schools, our team knows firsthand the value of diving headfirst into the classics at a young age.

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming George Harne on the podcast (albeit from all different locations, thanks to our coronavirus quarantines). He is the president of Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts in Warner, New Hampshire, and has a deep understanding of how the liberal arts can shape our characters as we embark on each of our heroic journeys.

As George said during our interview, “The liberal arts are the path to philosophy, for seeing reality for what it is. You have to master the liberal arts to get a higher vision of reality that will guide and form your life.”

Reading epic tales of heroism, untangling ancient poetry, and tracing the thinking of scientists and philosophers across the ages gives us an unparalleled foundation for how to view the world through God’s point of view.

His plan for us is a long-term one, and understanding the full context of the human story helps us to better see our role in it.

George had a beautiful metaphor for how we can choose to see our world, even in this time of uncertainty and isolation:

“There’s a double horizon that Christians are called to have. One is common sense and based on the natural world. The other is a more transcendent horizon.

This is why hope is one of the most important virtues. Hope is rooted toward the truth of reality. Hope is rooted in the reality of who God is. God is not changed, therefore hope is not shaken. He knew this was coming. His plan for us has not been affected by COVID-19. That’s the reality we have to focus on.”

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