Welcome to the third installment of last summer’s online course with Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Immortal Combat: A Masterclass on Winning the Spiritual Battle.

This week’s episode is on “Our Role and How We Are Called to Win the Battles of Our Day.”

This week, we dive into framework for breaking the cycle of evil in our lives and our modern world. We learn what it means to be truly repentant and how to advance forward by wielding the 10 swords of the spirit. Once we understand the purpose of each weapon, we can use them to overcome the darkness around us.

How do we equip ourselves to approach the conflicts of our time? Listen in to learn more. Throughout this session, he talks about:

  • How repentance pulls the plug on power, pride, and prejudice
  • The cosmic transaction of repentance and faith
  • An analysis of the many different masks of atheism that we confront today

We hope you enjoy listening in on this amazing Masterclass. Tune in next time for the final installment in this course!

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