Family culture is an art. Just ask our latest guest on the podcast, Deirdre Folley. She’s a wife, mother of four, homemaker, artist, and manager for her husband’s fine art business. Raised in a strong, faith-filled family, she views family culture as something that is defined by the everyday choices of the parents as they introduce their children to the wonders and challenges of the world.

For her family, it’s about the books that line the shelves and the conversations that follow. It’s about setting aside technology and other distractions. It’s about creating a warm place where family feels welcome, well-fed, and well-loved.

“Culture is something that I’ve been obsessing about for decades. Either your family culture is something that you’ve been building up, or it’s a void that’s being filled by something else, something that’s not based on what’s beautiful or enduring, but the lowest common denominator that sells.”

Setting Off on Your Family's Unique Path

Culture is also about having the faith to take a leap and make the choices that are best for the team. This came true for Deirdre as she temporarily paused her own art business to become the manager for her husband’s business.

She’s helping him imagine a broad, active career as a fine painter — he’s branching out into new markets, from live event paintings, to children’s illustrations, to portrait commissions. As an artist herself, she understands what it takes to really master a craft. She’s practiced psanky (the Ukrainian art of “writing” Easter eggs), drawing, painting, heraldry, and hair design.

Bringing Back the "Maker" in "Homemaker"

Mothers have a chance to renew culture when they’re creative in their everyday work. Because thriving, wholesome cultures have something in common: women seen as homemakers. This could be our biggest obstacle to a flourishing society, because contrary to popular belief, dedicating your life to motherhood is more than just being a “stay-at-home mom.”

“Moms don’t just stay at home. We make the home. We make it beautiful, comfortable, clean, filled with good food, and we’re there our family needs us. We are a constant presence. You need an anchor who’s making a home happen.”

Listen to the whole episode with Deirdre, and make sure to check out her website and her husband’s website.

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