How would you define a hero?

If your mind immediately jumps to superheroes battling supervillains with lightning shooting out of their fingertips, that’s totally natural. Pop culture has elevated “heroism” to something only worthy for the silver screen. Which, in turn, makes us feel like being a hero is something that is completely out of our reach.

What Makes a Hero

But in truth, heroism isn’t just what’s found in the pages of comic books. Heroism is the choice to live selflessly, bravely, and with a vision for a better world in mind. Heroism is less about superpowers and more about taking each step forward in the universal process of personal transformation. According to Joseph Campbell’s model, a hero isn’t defined by their accomplishments — a hero is defined by their sacrifices and the risks they take to serve the greater world.

The Road to Heroism is Lined with Distractions

Perception isn’t the only obstacle that stands in our way of becoming the heroes that God wants us to be. With endless distractions and insistent voices that beckon us off the path, it’s challenging for us to know what we are called to and how we can hope to get there. That’s why we have to prepare for the journey ahead. We have to be aware of where we are on the journey and what the common pitfalls could be for ourselves, our personalities, and our specific vocations.

Join us as the Great & Main team talks about heroism and the unique obstacles that we face today to truly embarking on the heroic journey.

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