The team got together to talk about… 2020. The world is working through some serious issues right now. Racism. Disease. Financial disparity. Election year. Social justice.

And there is pressure to have opinions and take a stance on every story, every debate. It’s an impossible demand.

So how do we approach these national and global conversations?

We came across a statement from Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute. He calls on us to “own our learning”. It means we need to be a student of the issues at hand.

We must ask the right questions. Learn the broader dynamics at play. Study and decide principles we can stand firmly upon, and use them as guides to seek truth in the day-to-day situations. And we must pursue conclusion as best we can, avoiding the temptation to remain in open-ended dialogue forever.

We need to know ourselves, our domain of experience and knowledge, and our biases. And we need to know the things we don’t know. We must seek to truly know the people with whom we engage and about whom we form opinions. Often, these conversations are not a match between intellects, but rather a messy clash of broken souls. What is the true heart of each conversation?

We discussed these points and many more in this episode. Give it a listen and subscribe to hear more conversations like this!

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