For humans, it’s easy to fall into the rut of routine. It’s easy to follow the breadcrumbs left by society that lead to pleasure and comfort. But if we settle for living in the moment, all we are left with is our urges and our worries, the failures of the past and our insecurities about the future. Without context, human life is desperate, predictable, panicked, and unmoored.

At Great & Main, we believe there is a greater story at play. Guided by the Creator, our world is spinning towards a more beautiful and satisfying happy ending than we could ever imagine.

Every human being is called to a deeper story — a heroic journey of their own, a destiny to do something that will bring about this ending. Every day, the curtain rises, we wake up, and we take in the scenery. Where will we go? What are we being asked to do? Who will we become? The stories of billions of human lives are building towards the ultimate moment when all will be revealed and reconciled.

We believe the key for a good life is a strong understanding of our role in this world, a sense of vocation — not just for those called to the church, but for every individual on their personal, God-given mission here on Earth.

We’re on a mission to learn from the wisdom of those who have gone before us on the journey of life. Using vocation as the framework, we’re studying how we can achieve greatness in our main street lives. How can we keep our eyes open to the extraordinary narrative unfolding through our seemingly ordinary lives? As co-creators with God, what are we being called to make here on Earth? What is our unique mission, our personal, familial, and cultural path to heaven?

Ever since the idea of Great & Main took root, we’ve been on a journey to meet with people who have deep wisdom of life to share. We’re focusing on stories about ordinary people embarking on heroic quests of their own, encountering the deepest questions about humanity, and fighting the universal battle between good and evil.

Our journey so far has taken us to Midwestern homes, where we’ve sat at the feet of wise parents and teachers as they told their tales of perseverance, creativity, courage, and patience. We’ve traveled to a family avocado farm in California, where the sun warmed a group of loving, talented, and strong mothers. We’ve visited college dorm rooms in the high mountains of New Hampshire, where we reached to the heart of what it means to truly educate a young soul’s imagination.

So, here’s what you can expect from us. We hope to publish books, and kits filled with treasures and tools to help you unpack the wisdom inside. We hope to host you personally at our live events and perhaps even for one night during our Sunday Dinner Series.

Who We Are

A publishing company to guide you on the path to your calling

What You Get

Inspirational books, workshops, and art created by those who have ventured before

What We Offer & How We Do It


Gain tools for discernment and an understanding of your calling by engaging the Great Ideas.

  • Community-driven books focused on vocations
  • Curated online content
  • Purposeful podcasts

Begin to create at the highest level, crafting new things, ideas, communities, and works of art.

  • Instructional curricula
  • Calling kits
  • Journaling products

Forge friendships with people on the same journey and create a powerful, purposeful community.

  • Community frameworks
  • Workshops and events
  • Retreats and conferences

Study your journey to discover deeper wisdom and teach those on the same path as you.

  • Publishing services
  • Workshop co-creation opportunities
  • Thought leadership campaigns
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