A New Kind of Publishing

At Great & Main, we want to build a global community of people leading inspired lives, directed by great ideas, mentored by charismatic leaders, and encouraged by their peers and communities. To achieve that, we produce our own books, events, artwork, and podcasts.

We also extend our publishing capabilities and creative services to others who share our mission. We help authors create and host their own workshops, events, and digital courses to better instill the ideas and values into the hearts and minds of their readers. And we help visionaries articulate their purpose and connect with their core audiences.


  • Self-Publish Management
  • Manuscript Writing + Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Website Planning
  • Author Tour


  • Event Planning
  • Workshop Design
  • Digital Content


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Campaigns


  • Editorial Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Podcast Production

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