Today, we sat down with Kevin Middlesworth, director of technology at The Designory in Chicago, and one of our advisors.

Kevin offered us some great insights on the role of a leader in business.

Leadership offers the opportunity to take reality and convert it to what is potential. In other words, to see how things are, and what they could be, and then to move everything toward that possibility. It’s about movement and growth. And not merely for the business itself, but for the people as well – your employees, your team, your clients – you must understand their potential and find creative ways to help them get there.

We asked about the possibility of competing visions of the future, coming from yourself, your employees, and your clients? How do you know it’s not just “my vision” as a leader, but a common thread that you have traced through many different visions?

Kevin explained how leaders must see life as a complete, whole picture. You can’t just decide to be good at seeing potential, then look at your team and clients, and then decide how to thread it together. You have to be someone that practices good vision from a personal perspective. You must be able to see beauty in the world around you, love good novels, appreciate beautiful aspects of philosophy, see stories and love stories. Because stories teach us how to see the the tying of threads, and then you will be able to recognize it and develop a muscle for connecting threads in your own life.

This is just the first of many great topics we discussed with Kevin. Give the whole episode a listen to hear the rest!

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