Ep. 24: The Hero’s Journey – The Ordeal

We ought to think about the scenes of life as turning points in our overall narrative. What are the small, defining moments of our own…

Ep. 23: The Hero’s Journey – Who is the Enemy?

In our efforts to live out our mission we are often tempted to see those around us as a threat. We think knowing our enemy will be clear,…

Ep. 22: The Hero’s Journey – Trials and Tribulations

If habits determine the fabric that we are made of, are we making ourselves with the materials of a hero?

Ep. 21: The Hero’s Journey – The Call

There are false voices that come to confuse us and lead us off our heroic path. Can we sort out God’s voice from the noise?

Ep. 20: Your Freedom to Create is Your Call to Start Something New with Brian Grim

The very essence of the call to entrepreneurialism is “creating”. Are you ready to see something that isn't and make it happen?

Ep. 19: Be Who You Are and Be That Well with Ryan Hanning and Tom Peterson

There seems to be an enlightenment in knowing my strengths as well as weaknesses. But is knowledge of these things enough?

Ep. 18: Make Sure the Cure is not Worse than the Disease with Jay Richards

Tackling the big issues of today to make sense of our suddenly tumultuous times.

Ep. 17: Do We Need a Master Plan to Defeat Evil, or a Master Plan to Create Good? with the Kuldas

Whether it is the "breaking news" filling your feed or the positive events surrounding you, what you focus on expands. What's your focus?