Ep. 18: Make Sure the Cure is not Worse than the Disease with Jay Richards

Tackling the big issues of today to make sense of our suddenly tumultuous times.

Ep. 17: Do We Need a Master Plan to Defeat Evil, or a Master Plan to Create Good? with the Kuldas

Whether it is the "breaking news" filling your feed or the positive events surrounding you, what you focus on expands. What's your focus?

Ep. 16: Finding True Abundance in a Land of Plenty with Dale Ahlquist

We may have the things we need to survive, but do we have what we need to thrive?

Hunting for Our Ultimate Story

We want to know why we matter to the bigger narrative.

Ep. 14: The Power of the Liberal Arts in a Technical World

Colleges may be increasingly setting aside liberal arts programming for more “practical” STEM majors, but liberal arts graduates are found…

The Bitter Cure

Don't let a one-time event turn into a lifetime of heartache.