If you’ve spent a few minutes on our site, listening to our podcast, or scrolling our social media, you may have noticed some common themes in our artwork. In the photography, illustration, and most especially in our Great & Main “badge” and podcast “album cover”, the images of paths, workshops, mountains, and sunlight pop up over and over.

We’ve done this with great intention, and I’ll explain to you the hidden meaning behind each element.

The Path Is the Journey of Life

The path refers to every person’s individual calling, or “vocation”, if you prefer. And each path, though all lead to the same destination, looks unique for each of us. It may be straight, or it may have all sorts of winding turns. It may have a rough patch here and a smooth stretch there. It will have thorns, flowers, and maybe some wildlife. There may be other people along your path, and there may be a few lengths that you will walk alone. It’s the journey of life, and everything that comes along with it.

The Cabin Is a Creative Workshop

The cabin illustrates the creative enterprise that we’re all called to embark upon. We each have specific talents and gifts that point to a specific work we’re made for. And that’s not merely a job, but a combination of career, family life, friendships, hobbies, community… It refers to what you do, what you create, what you offer with the wholeness of your self in order to make a gift of your life.

The Mountains Are the Symphony of Creation

The cabin is set within a range of mountains. We never do our work completely isolated from the world. Our work is meant to be *for* the world and we’re also meant to draw everything that we need from the world around us. That might be specific tools, or inspiration, or other people. Each person is part of a bigger picture. And each vocation fits into a greater design. It’s an infinitely diverse, rich, changing, living, breathing masterpiece.

The Sun Is the Final Destination

The sun represents the final destination of the journey, which is God, or heaven, or perfection. Your path is meant to have an end. Where are you going? You are not meant to wander in circles forever. There is a culmination of your story. You can think of heaven as the fulfillment of everything you were meant to do, and everything you are made to be. It’s perfection. And it’s the reward of having achieved that fulfillment, of having answered your call.

The sun has another characteristic, and that is the way it illuminates the entire journey. It’s visible from every corner of the landscape. It is the thing that gives meaning and light and life to every aspect of your life.

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