What does it look like to be a hero today? For most of us, saving the world looks like ordinary work, and it’s easy to overlook the common roles in life. In our quest to understand the modern heroic journey, we started with the vocation of parenthood by welcoming three incredible parents to our first Heroic Journey (virtual) panel.

Mary McGiffin is a wife and mother of five (soon to be six!) boys in Virginia. She has a unique perspective on how we’re called to mentor our children through their own heroic journeys.

Leila Lawlor is a wife and mother of seven and the grandmother to 15 kids living in Massachusetts. She’s also the writer behind the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter, where she delves into the meaning of family life and the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Kevin Middlesworth is a husband and father of five living in the Chicago area. He’s the director of Technology at a global advertising agency and talks about leadership and the wisdom that one can find through the journey of fatherhood.

In this conversation, you’ll discover wisdom about issues that parents are dealing with today, and how we can rise to the challenge with faith, courage, and strength. Our guests also cover some super practical tips and ideas on how to raise our families and lead them in a common mission.

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