“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

These infamous words of Princess Leia embody a critical moment in the life of Luke Skywalker, one of the heroes of Stars Wars Episode VI: A New Hope. In the story, a droid arrives on Luke’s planet with a message for someone else, but the beautiful princess in the hologram calls to Luke, a restless farm boy with dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. This moment is the quintessential “Call to Action” that jumpstarts every heroic journey in mythic and modern storytelling, as studied and identified by Joseph Campbell. Luke feels drawn to her plight and has a gnawing sense that he might be the only one who will ever hear her cry for help.

Don’t we all wish that our call to action was as clear and momentous as Luke’s? Preferably wrapped up in a big bow and blazing neon signs so that we can’t miss it, delivered by a wizard or on a tablet screen reading, “Here is your mission in life — do you accept, yes or no?” Not only do we want to feel important, like the world will end if we don’t step up to the plate, we also want to feel sure. We want to know that yes, indeed, this message is for me, this journey is the one that I’m supposed to go on, grab your popcorn because my story is finally starting.

We are all called to do something extraordinary.

Of course, the world of light sabers and Jedis is far removed from our daily lives of paying bills and cleaning up after dinner, but that’s not the only reason why it’s hard to think of ourselves as heroes on a journey. Even the real tales of brave soldiers, selfless nurses, inspiring teachers, and undaunted social activists seem out of our reach. They have something that we don’t. Their lives have been sprinkled with some kind of magic pixie dust that turns them from ho-hum mortals to legends with a narrative, a direction, a purpose, a destiny.

Guess what? There isn’t any pixie dust. Everyone has a story like that. But only some people are in-tune with the author of life, more attentive to the plot as it unfolds, more open to the way the winds of destiny are pulling them.

It’s time for us to wake up and smell the popcorn, because our stories have already begun. There is a “force” that is beckoning to us all, a spirit that’s guiding us, informing our conscience, and whispering the will of the author who is writing the climactic ending for the universe.

We are called to make the author's ending come true.

But to truly understand our call, it makes sense that we first understand who is doing the calling. Who is this author? And what are his intentions? Is this world just one, giant ego trip to flex his creative muscle and show us who is boss around here?

The author is the Lord God, the creator of everything we know. And his intentions are to call us home. That is the beckoning, the whisper, the longing that burns in each of our hearts. He’s not calling us back to the Garden of Eden — no, we can never return to that oasis of innocence. Instead, he’s calling us to something more, something storied, beautiful, layered, legendary — His new kingdom, where good and light reign for ever and ever. True happiness, love, and belonging reside there.

And our call — your call — is to build that kingdom. Every minute of every day, we are presented with choices. Choices that either create or destroy a place of peace, abundance, gratitude, and joy. When God’s wisdom and love reigns in all of our hearts, his light will reign in our world.

And this call is going out to everyone. No one on earth has been cast as an extra. Everyone’s lives add up to the ultimate story. That means you don’t have an out. You can’t step to the side and let the “real heroes” do all the work. You are the hero in your story.

Heroism starts with small, humble steps.

But don’t let it go to your head — most heroes are knuckleheads who have to learn from mentors, make friends with strong allies, and royally mess up everything before they are actually “heroic.” It’s only when we set aside our impatience, fear, and desire for control that we will begin to see the evidence of God’s power in our lives. It’s only when we allow Him to start guiding us in the small steps that we will trust him with the big ones. It’s only when we finally offer up our lives that we are reborn into a hero who is actually useful, effective, and a conduit for good, rather than a minion of our own opinions and priorities.

Practically speaking, what does this look like? It looks like genuine prayer, time spent telling God about the problems and choices that lay ahead, then spending time in silence, in Scripture, in wise counsel, listening for an answer that resonates with our soul. Writing out our thoughts about our call as they come, then praying and comparing them to the wisdom in Scripture. Then, take several small steps forward in the direction to which you believe you have been called. If there is energy and momentum and good coming from that direction, then keep going. God will provide the resources and open the doors. You just have to pick up your feet, step over your excuses, and move.

You are somebody's hero.

Here’s the realization that we all must come to and remember day in, day out: We are each as critical to the story as Luke Skywalker was to the salvation of the universe from the Death Star. In each of our lives, there is a cry for help that will go unanswered unless we pay attention, listen, and respond with every ounce of our being. You have been given a duty, it’s your job to find it and endeavor to fulfill it. That is where your journey will begin.

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