If you like dragons and hobbits and legends of old, then you’re in good company. Writers like Tolkien and Lewis have used the world of fantasy to unravel timeless truths about humanity and faith, reigniting our modern moral imagination and turning us back to the origins of story, adventure, and meaning.

Rachel Sherlock, our podcast guest today, makes understanding these ancient songs and stories her business. She’s a writer living in Dublin and the host of the podcast, Risking Enchantment.

In this episode, we dive into the questions that sprout whenever we straddle the worlds of reality and fantasy. Why do we see our lives through the lens of story? What can we do to find and follow the adventure that we are each called to fulfill? And how can we nurture our faith in the greatest Storyteller of all?

What Makes a Good Character Great

The most fascinating part of the episode comes when we unpack the meaning of the world “character” — the mark of personality and destiny that has been made upon each of us. Like coins pressed in a mint, we have each been given strengths and weaknesses, but it’s how we spend them that determines their true value.

And for people who think they have little in common with heroes and heroines, we talk about how it’s the ordinary folks who wind up astounding the world with their untapped courage and untested loyalty. It just comes down the choices, both big and small, that open the doors to something greater than we could have possibly imagined.

Make sure to listen to the whole episode for some wildly inspirational ideas on what makes a hero today.

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